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Petrochemical refineries can be hazardous and dangerous facilities with highly explosive combinations and large storage of refined products. To maintain the safety to the environment and personnel, routine maintenance is planned on all aspects of all areas.

Due to the variety of materials that travel through production plants there is a constant need for inspection due to the way the plant's construction metals react with all these different products.

For corrosion checking, including MIC Attack, the Corrosion WheelProbe Veo Scanning system is ideally suited to this application.

Other areas are that require advanced ndt inspection systems are HIC damage, weld root erosion, preferential attack and flange face corrosion damage. Using the capability of the veo with both PA and/or ToFD probes, will provide the end user with an all inclusive portable package for the detection of such defects.

From isometric to report, the Sitescan D20+ utilises the advanced thickness logging option with SDMS3 to produce fully customisable inspection plans and reports for trend analysis. For thickness measurement on hot pipes the D20+ has a high temperature correction feature as standard.