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Radius WheelProbe

Building on the capabilities of the existing range of Sonatest Array WheelProbes, the Radius WheelProbe is optimized for high speed inspection of curved and flat aerospace and composite structures. The evolutionary design of the Radius WheelProbe enables constant contact and even pressure to be applied thanks to the conformable WheelProbe tyre, resulting in consistent and repeatable amplitude response. Typical applications include testing Aerospace Fuselage and large area scanning, Automotive Testing and Marine Inspection.

The conformable water filled tyre allows reliable coupling even over small surface irregularities, blended repairs and low profiles fasteners. Fine water misting is all that is required for coupling, no mechanical pumping of water is necessary.

The WheelProbe can provide an encoded strip B or C-Scan, amplitude or Time of Flight (depth) - dependant on the host instrument or reporting software. The inspection width of 50 mm in a single pass provides greater detection capability.

Suitable for use with any portable Phased Array System; including the Olympus Omniscan range, AGR Handyscan and prodcuts from the M2M range.