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  • Automated measurement and analysis of moisture content, tan delta/power factor and oil conductivity
  • Individual temperature correction (ITC) of tan delta/power factor and oil conductivity
  • 40% faster measurements with the new IDAX 5.0 SW
  • Reliable measurements in high-interference environments
  • Multi-function test set for transformer measurements

IDAX 300 is a very compact instrument and is used together with an external computer. The IDAX 350 has a built-in computer but can also be used with an external computer. IDAX 300/350 provides an accurate and reliable condition assessment of insulation in transformers, bushings, generators and cables. The IDAX system maximizes the outcome of maintenance activities allowing for load and service life optimization.

IDAX 300/350 are smaller, lighter and faster than their predecessor IDA200 and IDAX 206. It maintains better accuracy and ability to provide reliable data using true AC DFR (Dielectric Frequency Response), also known as FDS (Frequency Domain Spectroscopy), for reliable test results in high interference environments. The state-of-the-art software makes testing both easier and faster, allowing transformer moisture and oil assessment in about 22 minutes (20°C).