Note: For now, we only accept orders within Philippines.

  • 3-phase voltage, current & flicker recorder
  • Records for days, weeks or months
  • Removable PCMCIA memory card option
  • LEDs display surges, sags & loose neutral
  • Creates detailed charts & reports
  • Rugged & weatherproof design

The SLM-8 is a low cost, 8-channel paperless recording volt-ammeter for measuring and recording the true RMS values of up to 4 voltage channels and 4 current channels. It is the ideal investigative tool for utility troubleshooters, service investigation groups, meter shop technicians and facility managers to identify and document the presence of three-phase and single-phase voltage complaints utilizing associated load current information to locate the source of the problem.

True RMS, minimum RMS, maximum RMS, and flicker information may be recorded. High speed sampling indicates events as fast as one cycle. The 4 line x 20 character display is backlit for easy viewing and an LED indicates when the unit is recording. The unit comes complete with a comprehensive graph/reporting package.