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Kibra 480 Analyzer
  • Fast and Easy Debug for DDR3 and DDR4
    1. Self-contained system offers easy connection and setup
    2. Custom probe design supports next generation higher speed memory
    3. No calibration needed!
    4. Free trace viewer runs on any PC
  • Comprehensive JEDEC Trigger and Capture
    1. Detects over 65 JEDEC bus event & timing violations in real time
    2. Extended recording time captures 4X the memory events vs. typical Logic Analyzer State listing
    3. Interposers will snoop the serial presence detect (SPD) data for fast configuration of the analyzer
    4. Dedicated trigger output to scope for Read/ Write operations
  • Innovative Displays Focused on Timing Analysis
    1. Traditional State and Timing Waveform views
    2. Visualize I/O distribution with the Bank State View
    3. Bus metrics are tracked per bank and per DIMM slot
    4. RTS view displays Bus Utilization in Real Time
    5. Use "Row Hammer" reports to find excessive row ACTIVE commands
  • Flexible, Scalable Platform
    1. Monitor two slots of quad rank DDR3 or DDR4 DIMMS concurrently
    2. Supports registered buffered and unbuffered DIMM types
    3. Address multi-channel application by cascading analyzers