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anritsu W-CDMA RRM Test System ME7874F
  • True-RMS detection enables accurate average power measurements of any signal type
  • 50 dB dynamic range
  • Wide frequency coverage from 10 MHz to 50 GHz (sensor dependent)
  • Calibration factors stored in EEPROM

The Anritsu MA2400xA series thermal sensors are designed for use with the ML2430, ML2480 and ML2490 series power meters. These sensors provide excellent power measurement accuracy over 50 dB of dynamic range. Thermal sensors use Seebeck elements where the combined effect of a thermal gradient and charge migration between dissimilar metals gives a true reading of the average power of any incident waveform. Anritsu thermal sensors have class leading SWR and built in EEPROM with calibration factor and linearity correction data. This results in assured accuracy when measuring any signal.