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anritsu Signaling Tester MD8470A
  • An intuitive and interactive graphical environment
  • An expert system that guides the user through the complexity of the 3GPP protocols
  • A broad library of configurable building blocks for designing tests
  • A catalog of common network settings
  • Interactive error checking
  • Automatic programming of the system simulator
  • Fast execution
  • An integrated protocol analyser
  • Headline reports on historical test results
Low-cost development and verification of mobile terminal OS, middleware, and LBS applications.

The Rapid Test Designer (RTD) is a revolutionary new tool that significantly speeds up the development and deployment of modern wireless user equipment (UE) by greatly simplifying the way in which tests are created, executed, and analyzed. This is achieved by using a graphical flow-chart interface and many innovative tools within the RTD environment. Users can concentrate on testing specific functions and protocols within the UE without having to be expert on all the 3GPP protocol layers.

As 3GPP specifications evolve, tests are easily maintained using the automatic update feature. The graphical flowchart also makes visual inspection much simpler when sharing tests within a team.

Analysis of test results can be simplified by matching against pre-determined criteria. This provides the user with a high level view of test campaigns and preliminary judgement without the need to investigate logs in detail. A comprehensive analyzer is provided to examine the message flow between the UE and the simulator.

The RTD system provides a flexible simulation of LTE / UTRAN / GERAN and cdma2000 networks depending on the hardware selected. This can be a single cell simulation for simple terminal development up to complex simulation controlling a mix of cells by adding additional hardware.

The system is capable of unattended operation using automated tools such as the internal test sequencer and can be slave to a larger test system.