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anritsu W-CDMA RRM Test System ME7874F
  • Flexible platform for multiple technologies and applications
  • Support for LTE, UTRAN, GERAN, CDMA2000
  • Supports the complete product life-cycle from development, integration, conformance, regression and acceptance
  • Scalable – from a one box solution to a complete system that can grow to meet customer requirements
  • High quality, advanced and dependable
  • High performance for today's advanced technologies
  • Low cost of ownership investment over product lifecycle
  • Installation and commissioning service is available as well as support
  • Reliable and robust hardware renowned for high quality solutions
  • Trusted supplier of test equipment to the worlds leading networks and developers
  • Developed through technical collaboration with the world’s leading device makers
  • Hardware and software developed by Anritsu

The ME7834 Mobile Device Test Platform is an all-in-one platform supporting multisystem mobile terminal protocol CT and carrier acceptance tests. In addition to supporting standalone tests of W-CDMA and LTE systems, the ME7834 can also be configured as a customized integrated environment for InterRAT tests between LTE, GSM, W-CDMA and CDMA2000 mobile systems.

The rapid worldwide spread of 3G mobile phones is the driving the early rollout of new services like LTE (Long Term Evolution) offering faster speeds and lower latency.

Since LTE technology is compatible with 3GPP-defined GSM/W-CDMA systems, triple-mode mobile terminals supporting GSM/W-CDMA and LTE will be needed. Another key feature of LTE is not just support for 3GPP GSM/W-CDMA but is also support for InterRAT with CDMA2000 systems and many CDMA2000 carriers are considering moving to LTE as the mainstream for next-generation mobile terminals.

As a consequence of these trends, R&D into commercialization of multimode mobile terminals is expected to become very active, increasing the needs for measurement systems supporting multisystem conformance tests (CT) and carrier acceptance tests.